Pura Vida

We’ve only been in Costa Rica for two days and it already feels longer than that. Each day gives birth to a new adventure. A new perspective. I can already feel this trip changing me inside out.

View from our hostel

My new favorite beer

We felt the need to get away from the thick city air and be with nature. Fresh and crisp air. So we decided to take a day tour. Today was incredible. Always present.

Coffee tasting at the oldest coffee plantation in Costa Rica


Poas Volcano. The clouds hovering over this sky blue pool of acid was ethereal. I was in a dream but awake with wide eyes.


La Paz Waterfall Garden


Seeing the La Paz waterfalls for the first time instantly took my breathe away. The rain was pouring down on us. Amidst this incredible cloud rainforest I can feel every drop of cool rain bouncing off my bare skin. I look up at the large trees framing the sky and see bullets of water falling through it. I hold my hand out and focused on every drop. I felt almost every hair raise from bliss chills. In that moment I felt so alive. Here I am in a different country. In a rainforest. Right by a waterfall. Away from my family and friends. Away from the life I was familiar with. Outside of my comfort zone. I’m not Stephanie who was born and raised in the Philippines. I’m not Stephanie who lives in the United States. I’m not the person I identified with.

I am a feeling, pulsing, bleeding, breathing, conscious being living right here in this moment.. in organic ecstasy as I feel the water falling from the thick light gray clouds. A majestic waterfall right before my eyes. And in that moment of Satori..

No past. No future. Living in pure bliss of every present moment… I felt completely free and infinite.

3 thoughts on “Pura Vida

  1. Wow. What a wonderful recount of your satori. I felt like I was there in your shoes… And so it seems that’s the point of this journey your on: to allow others to experience your satori and therefore, hopefully, one of their own.

    Excellent post.

    • Thank you Chad. And yes that is the purpose.. for me to share my Satori moments in the hopes that they too can experience it. But what I hope more than anything is for people to realize that each moment could be Satori for themselves. They just have to be present and let inner spaciousness arise to free all the inhibitions and limitations created as an illusion of the mind. Everyone in the world can be free and boundless, it’s all in the magic of the present moment.

      Love and light,

  2. wow, it is exciting to witness such a transformation.
    I can tune into your frequency and live through you, thank you for this moment.
    you bring a joyful tear to my eye and remind me of our interconnectedness.
    our paths will cross again and we will have evolved into a higher state of consciousness.

    words can’t describe my feelings right now. thank you again. i love you


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