Do yourself a favor and buy that damn plane ticket already.

“Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.  I spent a large part of my youth traveling the world as a hippie. And what money did I have then? None. I barely had enough to pay for my fare. But I still consider those to have been the best years of my youth.The great lessons I learned has been precisely those that my journeys had taught me.”

-Paulo Coelho

I know you. You look through countless of travel blogs, browse through the travel section of the bookstore, read Lonely Planet guidebooks, and National Geographic magazines. You’re in love with city maps, atlases, and globes. You get shivers down your spine when you run your fingers down the tiny blood veins on a map as if it was breathing and coming alive. And it says to you, “Buy a god damn ticket and explore me.” But you don’t, because you look out the window and you’re in the 22nd floor of a building and your sitting in your cubicle with a deadline racing its way to you. So you sigh and go back to staring at the monitor. You’re also the girl who attempts to make perfectly handcrafted caffeinated beverages as fast as possible for cranky customers in the morning, feeling like a robot as your body moves on a pace so fast your mind slows down and drifts to that day you leave this all behind for adventure, someway, somehow. You’re also the guy who is sitting on a desk in a classroom taking an exam, filling in the bubbles of a scantron, for a very crucial exam that will determine your grade, for a class you hate, for a degree you have completely no interest in, and you wonder. How much more of this can you take?

The truth is, we don’t have that much time. This is the youngest we will ever be. If you keep waiting to travel until you finish college, then you will also wait until you get a stable job, then you will also wait until you get a higher salary, then you will also wait until you retire, and then you will be waiting for the rest of your life. Before you know it you will be 75, wondering where your life has gone and passed… wondering why you didn’t see the world and how much you wasted your life waiting for the freedom to do it.

Why not do it now? Oh yea. The excuses.

Excuse # 1: Traveling is too expensive!

     It’s really not as expensive as you think. It seems expensive, because you have to save up a good amount of money before you go. But that will last you for months. Think about how much you spend per month on rent, car payments, phone bills, eating out, clubbing, etc. That money you spend a month for those things is more or less equivalent to a ticket that will take you to the other side of the world. Don’t stay at expensive resorts, or eat at fancy restaurants, or whatever comforts you plan to spend your money on. It’s a waste. And you don’t need it. Get out of your comfort zone and strip down to basic necessities. It’ll humble you, it will change you, and you will discover your true self underneath all that baggage.

The key thing is to prioritize and make travel your number one priority. And if you want it that bad, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

  • Stop spending your money on unnecessary things. Instead of buying new clothes. Don’t. Or if you really want to, go thrift shopping. You’ll even find unique finds that you never would have discovered in a generic mall.
  • Stop eating out as much as possible. Or stop buying that five-dollar cup of coffee everyday. I used to work at Starbucks and it blew my mind how much money regulars spend on their coffee. It’s addicting, we all know. I’ve had to let all that go too. They say “Oh man I wish I had the money to do that.” As they give me their credit card that I’m about to swipe the third time that day. Cut out the excess things you can surely live without. Or if you desperately need it stay home, brew your own coffee or steep your own tea, and cook your own food. Better yet, cook dishes from the country that you’ll be traveling to next. It will inspire you and keep you going until you physically get there.
  • If you’re a smoker. Quit. It’s tough, I know, I come from an entire family of smokers. And lost my grandfather to lung cancer. Don’t worry, I’m not going to do this novel-long spiel to make you quit. But I’ll leave you with this: What do you really want? Cancer sticks? Or an epic life-changing adventure across the world? You choose.
  • Stop going out downtown to go clubbing all the time. Do you really need to pay that $20 cover charge at a club? And the $15 worth of gas to get downtown. Or a $10 drink?
  • Make a commitment to save a certain amount for your travels per month and put it in a separate bank account.
  • Find cheap flights through Paying for your ticket will be the most you will blow in your travels. Cheap deals circulate through the internet. My tickets from LA- Bangkok- Manila- LA cost me only $1,300. My roundtrip ticket to Costa Rica cost me about $560.
  • Stay in hostels. It’s not the nasty, dangerous, and horrid nightmare that society has made it up to be. You’re paying for a bed in a dorm room and shared bathroom which ranges from $4-$15 per night depending on which country you go to. The expensive hostels are really nice and clean, almost like a hotel. The cheaper ones are basic backpacker-friendly hostels. I’ve actually found the cheapest ones to be the best because it creates a more laid-back atmosphere that enables people to be more open and comfortable with each other. It’s also a fantastic way to meet awesome people from all over the world. I’ve built strong friendships with amazing people I’ve met through hostels. makes it easy to find hostels anywhere in the world.
  • Eat cheap food. Simple as that. Some of it may not be the healthiest, but you can still find healthy food. Eat street food, try mind-boggling dishes. You could end up loving it. Go buy tropical fruits you’ve never tried before. And please buy as much mangosteens, rambutans, and passion fruit as you can.

Excuse # 2: It’s way too dangerous to travel.

        Another illusion that our society has molded our minds into. My friend warned me about Thailand being the sex slave capital in the world, and joked that I will get sold into it. Another told me that if I went to Bali, I would get raped for sure. People will continue to spill their fears and doubts all over you and scare you into not doing it. The truth is, danger is everywhere. I honestly felt more in danger walking through downtown San Francisco during the day than I did walking the streets of Thailand alone at night. But that doesn’t mean you should gallivant around town drunk and alone wearing butt cheek shorts at night. There’s danger everywhere. Just be smart with your decisions. And trust your instincts. Listen to them. Very carefully. If something strong within you is telling you to not going to this place or go with this person, just don’t. But at the same time, be open to the possibilities if it feels right.

Excuse # 3: I don’t have friends who can travel with me. And I don’t want to travel alone.

Not having anyone to travel with is the silliest of all excuses. I don’t blame you though, I used to be terrified of traveling alone. But I bought the ticket anyway. And I’m a female. I’ve also met more solo-female travelers than solo-male travelers in my travels. I found it liberating to be traveling solo. You move on your own time and you can do whatever you want and go anywhere you want without anybody’s consent. It’s quite liberating. You are also not really alone. You meet so many like-minded people in your travels that you can even find an awesome group of people from all over the world to travel, most of the time they become your family, even just for that short time.

Excuse # 4: But I can’t just quit my job. What happens if I don’t get a job when I get back?

Do you love the job that you are in? Or do you hate it? Do you constantly look at the clock waiting for the hand to spin to the number when the soul- sucking pain of being in a monotonous routine is over? If so, you can quit it. You could even find something that you become extremely passionate about and create your own job out of that.

It’s scary I know. I know because after my six-month adventure in Asia, I’m back in California. I’m doing freelance photography work here and there but I’m still unemployed. And it’s tough to find a decent job right away. To not have a steady income, to toss your chances into the wind, not knowing what you will get back or when you will get it back. But despite the nagging worries that linger on the back of my head, is it worth it? Yes. What I’ve experienced and learned in the past six months is without a doubt, worth it all. It’s one of the best decisions I had ever made in life.

Excuse # 5: I’m not sure if I can take that risk. 

       Why? Why won’t we let ourselves take risks? Why do we do this to ourselves? For security? For comfort? What does that even mean? So we can live a life of security and comfort so we can safely work our way towards death? It’s so sad because most of the human population are victims to this. And most never wake up. Lives are wasted. Immense human potential is hindered. Dreams die with them. Do you really want to live that way?

So, ask yourself, why choose to continue doing something you loathe over what you know will make you happy?

In the end, it all comes down to the desires of the heart. Do what you love. Do what makes you happy. Be optimistic. Even if it means risking everything. Because at the end of your journey, it will be worth all the sacrifices you made. There are mind-expanding experiences, beautiful souls, magical places, and a life-changing adventure that awaits you. All you need to do… is make that first step.

Keep in mind that all these excuses, were the exact same excuses I used before. I stopped using them. Did myself a favor, and bought myself that plane ticket.  



692 thoughts on “Do yourself a favor and buy that damn plane ticket already.

  1. This is great! Really inspiring. I agree with all of these. I haven’t done anything like 6 months abroad, but I travel as often as possible, and I know that those sacrifices are totally worth it! Thanks for writing this, it’s really great! I’m considering teaching English abroad when I graduate and this is what I needed to read! Thanks again!

    • Thanks for reading Ashley! They say travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Well, one of few things, but it’s true 🙂

      Where are you planning on teaching? I have a friend who taught in Korea and absolutely loved it.

      • I’m not sure. I don’t graduate until December, so I am really just starting to look at it. I would like to teach in Eastern Europe or Asia, but I haven’t made a decision of where to apply yet. I have a friend who went to Thailand and it was life-changing for her!

      • hey you, so june 2013… the question would be: what is your next damn ticket waiting for 😀 great and inspiring blog, ive been traveling for 1 year in India, nepal and now 1 month in Indonesia, ill be soon landing in australia to reach out for some funds and dream with my next ticket, thank you for the texts you write wonderfully . Ruben

  2. Inspiring. Moving. “Straight up my story….” I said to myself as probably said every person who read this article. Well, I really need to buy a ticket. Doesn’t metter where, I just need to go somewhere or I will suffocate here till whole my life will just pass by. Thx.

  3. I’m glad I fulfilled a childhood dream of traveling long-term after so many years. It’s true – it’s the excuses that eat you up, and my only regret was that I did not act sooner. And I believe there are definitely more adventures that await me. =)

    By the way, I love Paulo Coelho’s book where you got that quote from. The story was one heck of an adventure!

    • Thank you! Seriously I started backpacking a little over a year ago and wondered why I didn’t do it sooner. But everything happens for a reason, and I’m just grateful that I started. And I will keep wandering. Work, save, travel, repeat is a formula I will continue to live by. Even when I have a family, won’t be as easy of course. But still doable 😉

      And I loved that book so much. Instantly became one of my favorites!

  4. True story. I have done it. Blew my mind.
    This feeling at office, “what the f*** am I doing here ??” I just waited to get enough money to resign, buy this damn ticket and I spent 8 months in South America. I will NEVER regret this experience. Ok, to be frank it took me a while to find a job after that but I have so many stories to share and so so many pictures in my mind.
    It is not as hard as you think, really.
    Treat yourself, you will be grateful.
    Warning: the more you travel, the more you want to travel !!

    • Sounds epic. I know, I’ve been back in California for over a month and still haven’t found a decent job. It’ll take a while but it’s so worth it.

      And yes, travel is just in my blood. When the end of a trip is near I’m already planning my next trip. I love it!

  5. Wow. I read your post at the perfect time! I want to tell you what’s happening with me right now but my comment would look like a new post. Haha. Thank you for sharing this! I’m definitely buying the ticket now!

  6. Exactly my sentiments. 🙂
    I am currently unemployed right now, but I almost finished travelling Asia. Planning to check out Europe soon!

    I used to work for 1 year and 7 months, and when I really felt that I hated my job, I resigned. I hated my boss… haha. Anyway, just to share, when I went back to our office to get my last pay, I had 3 destinations back then — Cambodia, South Korea and Hong Kong, I was so happy to have booked my tickets. My boss said, “Stop splurging already.” At the back of my mind, I was thinking, “I hated this job, and I’m going to enjoy my money the way I wanted. Sorry for you, you just can’t take VLs.” *Evil laugh* Mweheheh. >:)

    Thanks for this post. I totally agree with you, you get richer when you spend more on travelling. You feel like you become closer to other people… not because of the convenience of technology… but because you were there to experience it first hand.

  7. A great read. completely reached out to the traveller in me. I travel alot in my own country, but recently I have felt it to the deepest point in my conscience to travel to poland. I am totally going to take the advice to avoid all the excuses and travel.

    In case you are keeping a count of how many travellers your inspired to buy the ticket, well dont forget to count me 🙂

      • This post is so beautifully written, that once again today morning I came back to it and re-read all of it. And not just that, I read all the comments too. I realise you are visiting asia. I want to tell you that in case your path crosses India, I would like to host maybe a day out for you and show around. Its always a pleasure to show around a fellow traveller, I was in AIESEC for one year and I loved hosting trips and day outs for interns from various countries .

        You are most welcome here in India and you will have a friend and most probably a fan (of your writing and photography) as well. The blog is just too good. Besides travelling, i am an avid reader and a bit of a writer too. So a good piece of writing always interests me.

        Have a nice day !

      • Thank you, I appreciate your kind words.

        It would be wonderful to have a local show me around India. Can you give me your e-mail or Facebook so when the time comes I know where to keep in touch with you? Thanks again!

      • Ofocurse ! search for on facebook. This is not my primary email address, but just the one i used for facebook registration. Also I linked this comment to my facebook profile. You can perhaps just click on my name above the comment.
        Whichever is convenient for you.

        Spoiler alert !! You will see that the latest post on my wall is your this blog post. And in comments you will see a trip being planned. Hahaha. thats how impactful your post has been for me.

        Buzz me sometime.

  8. Really beautifully written. This is my first time coming upon your blog. Thank you! I have been a “wanderlust” my entire life but have never left the United States (besides Mexico and Canada). I feel in love with surfing during college in CA and now I dream of traveling to Indonesia, Thailand and so many other surf destinations; never mind Italy, Japan and Europe!

    I appreciate you writing this piece. I will start a travel savings account TODAY 🙂

  9. Yes, to all the comments on how this resonated. I’d also like to note that getting over the hurdles (financial and all the others) will not happen in an instant, so we just have to keep pushing on. Thank you for this. 🙂

    Let me know if you happen to pass by Manila. Would love to meet up with you a cup of coffee (or tea, whatever works) 🙂

  10. Excellent post! Very inspiring. I recently went to Bali with my family and it was fantastic! (traveling with your family is a completely different story—and one day I hope to be brave as you and backpack all over the world on my own. 🙂

    Here’s to more adventures!

    • Ahhh I can’t wait to go to Bali! It’ll be another dream lived!

      P.S. You’re brave, you just need to recognize the courage you have within you all along. I trust that you’ll realize it soon enough. I hope you backpack all over the world on your own too!

      Here’s to never-ending adventures love.

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  12. Great story, thanks for writting it. This is so true, we always find excuses not to go. A friend of mine is retiring after 31 years services at her job and is going to volunteer in Nepal for 3 months in January 2014. She is inspiring me to go with her for a couple of weeks as this is one of the place a really want to go too. I haven’t giving up on the idea, but like you say maybe if I could stop spending on stupid little things maybe I could save the money to go. We would like to do the trek to Everest base camp together. I know she is going to do it with or without me so it is up to me to figure a way to go. Thanks again for your inspiring story!

    • Nepal is one of my backpacking destinations next year and will do that trek to the base camp!

      Sounds like deep down, you and I both know what you should really do. And that if there’s a will, there’s always a way.

      Your Nepal adventures awaits you love, go for it.

  13. Very inspiring! i love traveling..ive been to many places in the philippines coz it’s more fun in the philippine!.ive been to Singapore and now im in Dubai..
    I miss traveling:-( It seems my life is incomplete if i dont travel.
    It’s true that traveling is expensive but it’s all worth it:-)We need new people,experience new culture..That’s LIFE!

  14. I always love reading your blog, and I think this was the first blog I actually bookmarked to read on a weekly basis.
    thanks for posting and sharing its beautiful to read and I tend to share how we met and how I know this inspiring person, you, with friends when I start talking about the places I want to go, the things I want to leave behind.

    I only ask or point out that there is some sort of planning involved right?
    I mean you do mention it is possible to save up in a matter of months, after saving, cutting back on expenses and all that good stuff.
    After buying the ticket, how do you mind the money you have once you are there, how do you find the hostels, what do you bring with you when you go? (laptop, camera, cards, Passport, what things do you bring that are essential to your safety)

    Peace n Love

    • Thanks Obi! That’s one of the coolest things I’ve read, I’ve always appreciated your support!

      I don’t have a thorough plan when I backpack, which is honestly the best way to do it. I knew which places I wanted to visit, an idea of where I want to go but I search for hostels a few days before or the day of arriving the place. You’ll never know where the road leads so I don’t plan ahead because I’ve found it to more liberating to just go with the flow.

      Just buy yourself a travel backpack at REI or the nearest outdoor adventure store. I bought a passport holder to keep the important documents secured. Some people use a money belt. And I have another backpack I wear in front which has all the most important things and I never lose sight of it. Bring a padlock for your hostel locker if they have it. Flashlight/headlight. I bought one of those keychain swiss knife for emergency purposes, 127 Hours style, but obviously they confiscated it from me at one point at the airport. That’s pretty much it for “safety”. Just try not to overpack, you’re a guy so it’s easier for you. Haha. If you have more questions message me on fb!

  15. One of my favourite quotes about travel is from St. Augustine: “The world is a book and those who have not travelled have read but one page.” I found this quote on an elevator in a hotel in Bangkok and have never forgotten the message that travel is both exciting and informative.

    Love your sentiments that the risks are worth it!

    Thanks for sharing

  16. my greatest love is to travel….i’m semi-retired….single with grown kids…freelancing as a trainor and writer…been to most of asia but i’d like to explore farther…this year or the next, i will buy a ticket to travel to other continents…i so connected with what you wrote and was so inspired…wanderlust is scary but it rocks!

  17. Ah, Excuse #2: It’s too dangerous to travel! That one is my favorite, every time I go on a trip people in my city are telling me it’s so dangerous and that I shouldn’t go because that reason… yet I live in the most dangerous city in Canada… I just laugh. When I went to Central America the first time there was some news about a Canadian that was there and got hurt. Then I went to Egypt and Jordan and had to travel through the Sinai which everyone was telling me was a stupid and ridiculous idea.. maybe it was but maybe it wasn’t? We were fine and we had an amazing time. I understand that certain places can be dangerous but so is my home town, I wouldn’t stop traveling because the news is so obsessed with posting negativity about the world all the time. Loving reading your blog posts! 😀

    • It’s so true because I lot of people tend to make it their reality. If you believe or even fear that something bad will happen then it will, but if you believe and anticipate good things will come then it will. Law of attraction, we just need to be positive, follow our hearts and intuition and the universe will guide us. Thank you for reading!

  18. living in a third world country, traveling is such a splurge. but reading your article, gave me the inspiration to see the world. its not just a dream for me, traveling is my calling! 🙂

  19. I actually want to go backpacking somewhere far away from where I am right now. I don´t really have that much money, but I guess I have enough to buy a ticket. On average, how much do you think I would need to save in order to go backpacking for at least 4 months?

    • Hi Mateo, thank you for reading!

      If you decide to travel in, let’s say, Southeast Asia, you would only need 1,000 USD per month more or less. I know some people who made it with only 500 a month and some splurging a bit more. But on average 1K a month should be good. And this can easily be done by backpacking and staying at hostels. Cheap traveling. That’s about how much I spent for a month in Thailand with miscellaneous expenses. I’d say save at least 6,000 USD including the planet ticket.

      If you have more questions feel free to ask! I’m always happy to help 🙂

  20. Hey! This is awesome.. 🙂 Very inspiring. Actually I just quit my Job, ( I am working in an Island Resort here in the Philippines, which is awesome bec. it’s so beautiful here but some of the job description i don’t really like. ) So I quit after a year because, I decided I have other priorities such as to travel more often. I bought a ticket to Thailand with a friend and will be staying there for a more than a month as a volunteer English teacher for kids for our own expense and at the same time get to experience and see Thailand. My first time abroad! I am planning to have part time jobs there so I just don’t spend all my money there and so I can continue traveling after, but I do not know where and if I can get a job after this. This article you wrote helped me to realize more and that I made the right decision.

    • Hi there! I’m so glad it confirmed that, you definitely did make the right decision. That’s amazing about Thailand! I have a couple friends who taught over there and absolutely loved it. I hope you love Thailand as much as I do. I miss it so much it!

      Don’t worry about the job thing too much. Like I said I just came back to California last month and I am still unemployed, but I’m trying to make a stable income making money in doing something I love (blogging and photography). It’s tough finding a job but through action and being patient the great things will come to you!

      Wishing you beautiful days ❤

  21. Love the spirit of your post — and that photo of your tattoo is the best ever! It totally captures how I feel, too. I’ve been to 37 countries (so far) and most of those in my 20s and 30s. The notion that traveling alone for a woman is dangerous is silly and sad. It keeps a lot of women from having awesome adventures.

    One of the most popular posts, always, on my site is this. I hope you don’t mind a link…

    • Thank you, just followed your blog. I really liked your post you wrote such great tips! You’re right, it keeps a lot of ladies from having awesome adventures. The best thing we can do is to keep inspiring women to travel and help them gain the courage to buy that plane ticket so they can experience the beauty of travel themselves.

      Wishing you magical days ❤

  22. Hi Satori, I’m really glad that you posted what you did in your blog post. I came across it in a link on facebook, and I must say that what you said is really true.

    I used to give myself loads of excuses about not going overseas. Too young, not enough money, not enough time, no friends etc, etc. Friends and family would also discourage going overseas alone, and for all the points which you mentioned. The truth of the matter is that they themselves are afraid of the unknown, and like you said, there’s really no real need to worry if you’re street-smart and just be alert and take the necessary safety precautions whilst travelling.

    And likewise, I really regret not taking the step to travel much sooner. My first long solo trip was 4 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. Travelling has the way of shaping our minds, opening our eyes, such that we never see the world, and never see ourselves and our surroundings in the same light ever again. It transforms us, shapes us, for the better, I think. And in this span of 4 years, I’ve made numerous great friends from all over the world, that I would never dream of making, had I not done these trips. It really takes that small step of courage to step out of our comfort zones, smile and engage the other someone, who might be just as unsure of whether you’re worth making friends with. On my travels, I met a fellow traveller who gave me a great piece of advice: “Be positive, and engage with other like-minded people too. If they don’t want to be friends, then you have your answer, and then move on.” And it’s true, like-minded people do attract.

    Travelling has that unassailable attraction, that common ground which links people from all around the world, and that, by the fact that we take that step to travel, we’ve decided to leave our old selves behind, to seek that which is infinitely more beautiful, more precious, and more fleeting than the present.

    Travel safe, travel hard, travel more, everyone! 🙂


    • Eugene what you said was so beautiful and true! I got bliss chills all over.

      “Be positive, and engage with other like-minded people too. If they don’t want to be friends, then you have your answer, and then move on.”

      Truth. Traveling taught me how to be even more outgoing and social. I always think “Well, I might as well try. What do I have to lose?” Because so many beautiful things can happen with one hello. And if it doesn’t, oh well, life goes on, the road awaits us.

      Thanks for the beautiful words!

  23. Fears have a way of grounding us even before we take flight. Such a shame, really because we are all meant to soar. 🙂

    I love the positivity of this post. The response it has generated only means that it has struck a chord in all of us who toil behind our desks, staring at our computer monitors, absently typing away, trying our damnedest to convince ourselves that life is here and now and so fun-effin-tastic, all the while besieged by this nagging sense that life is elsewhere!!

    And it is elsewhere, I realized. While I have not given up my day job, I introduced travel to my life, and it hasn’t been the same since. I feel myself so much richer for the experience. It is a fine balancing act though. I persist with a regular 8-5 job because there are some things I cannot give up. On the flip side, I have given up a fair number of things because travel is now imperative to me. 🙂 🙂

  24. Loved it! It is def something im striving for, its one big reason I started blogging. I want to breakout of the career cage. Check out if you haven’t already (not mine) but it will help you not have to go back to work and just do your photography or what ever else you want to do.

  25. We lived on a boat, and we were always hearing, “Oh, I want to do that when _______,” usually completed by “I retire,” “the kids are gone,” “I save enough money,” and the list went on. The reality is that by that time, assuming that time comes, a person is too old to do it. We saw so many 60- and 70-somethings who just didn’t have the physical strength or agility to even throw a line. Moral of the story: Do it before it’s too late!

  26. Really enjoyed this article. I am currently in a job which means nothing to me however I have made the decision to leave next year to live my dream and go travelling 12-18 months. It has been hard saving and cutting back, but your words emphasise the reason I am doing this.

    • Jen that sounds absolutely amazing! I met this cool Canadian girl in Thailand who worked three jobs for 6 months and saved up 20K. She’s going to be traveling for two years I believe. She said it’s absolutely worth it all. And I have a inkling that you might just say the same 😉

      Where are you planning on backpacking?

      • So far my plan is: Thailand-India-Europe-South America… I can’t wait! I am grateful for everything that I have in my life – the presence of family and friends, and the comfort of home – but man I can’t wait to leave. A part of me feels like I am just stuck in limbo waiting for life to begin. But it’s all good, every day is getting me closer to reaching my dream 🙂

        • Amazing! I’m actually doing another backpacking trip in Asia next year. I’m planning on going through all of SE Asia then India and Nepal. Maybe we’ll cross paths! 🙂

          So excited for you and your journey, hang in there, because leaving work one last time before your trip is one of the best feelings! Freedom at its finest!

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  28. Im agreed with all u said ! Im exactly like u . I dont have scare , i traveled to Sydney, Thailand, Paris and Italy now im saving money harder to go to New York and was good read that . Seems im in right way !
    What we lived in this life is all we have . So, its better doing what we love .
    To me is travel and acting !
    Good luck for all !
    Kisses .
    Raquel Arraes#frombrazil

  29. Reblogged this on Spinster's Compass and commented:
    As an introvert with a bit of social anxiety/shyness, I can personally say that when it comes to travel, there’s nothing to it but to do it. So go ahead… just do it.

    Sincerely, a somewhat shy introvert writing this to you in lovely Croatia. 😉

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  32. Wonderful. Travel is real education and leaves you with such wealth. This should be required reading at the first and last day of school for 12 years – and for the minute before and the minute after midnight on New Year’s.
    Well done

  33. thank you for this inspiring text. you wrote down my thoughs “take your chance to travel when you have it”…
    but since i moved to an arabic country (lebanon) and has been told how difficult it is for the inhabitants there, and from the surrounding countries also (not even mentionning the syrian refugees) just to “leave”…. because of their passport, of their nationalities, sometimes maybe just because of their names? They may have several thousand dollars on their bank account, they sometimes won’t be allowed to leave to a foreign country, even for a one month vacations.
    Travel, even without money is a luxury, it’s allowed only to a few nationalities in the world. We should take this chance to move around and meet those you are not allowed to see the world…

  34. Thanks for this interesting text. But I must say there is ONE excuse that forbbids so many people to travel… I’m from an european country but now leaving in Lebanon. You cannot imagine the numbers of my friends here who are not allowed to leave the country. Among them Palestinian refugees, Syrian refugees but also Lebanese, even rich ones. They may have several thousands of dollars on their bank account, they may ask only for an holiday visa, sometimes, they will not be allowed to go abroad. Because of their nationalites, because sometimes even of their names…
    Travelling, even for free is a luxury. There are only a few nationalities allowed to travel as easily as we do, european, americans, australians…

    So us, who have this chance and to see the world, let’s take it and go meet the people who will never see it…!

    • “We should take this chance to move around and meet those you are not allowed to see the world…”

      Well said. I know that not all have literally, the freedom to do it. How I wish that everyone did. But for the people who do, they shouldn’t take advantage of it.

  35. Thank you for this beautiful text. The quote in the begining of the text turns me off a bit. As a person from a third world country (meaning the chances of getting a visa to travel is low) in war (meaning, non-existant chances to travel), this idea of “global citizenship” is really for a minority of the worlds population. As a person who now enjoys a passport from a Western country with all the privileges it brings, travelling, is bittersweet for me. First off, asylum seekers vs vagabonds .. I’ve lived in a few continents/countries, and, does not necessarally bring quality to ones life – lets just say that. And now when I do travel, I can’t help but to feel like a cultural cannibal. It is all so unfair.

    • I was actually born and raised in the Philippines and migrated to the US when I was 14. I’m extremely grateful for the privileges of now living in a Western country because I know how hard it is to make ends meet in a third world country. A lot of my family and friends in the Philippines find it difficult to travel overseas as they have to work three times harder than Westerners to travel, sometimes a lot more actually.

      It is unfair. But the only thing we can do is to make the best of whatever we have, in whatever life we are living, wherever we may be.

  36. I’m from Sydney and I just need to get away from here right now and I was thinking about going to Melbourne for 3 nights. I can’t find anyone to come with me, so do you think it’d be a good idea to go alone? I’m scared just thinking about it but also excited for some reason. But still scared. I’m not too familiar with Melbourne but I’m thinking as long as they speak English there, I’ll be fine?

    • Go do it, love. Fear is an illusion. Be open to everything that’s around you, be positive, let go of your fears, and the universe will guide wherever you go. You’ll be fine.

  37. Great post! Someone from our fan page recommended it and i am so glad. This is the message we preach all the time. I’ve travelled the world for 15 years now and never really had a lot of money behind me, I just wasn’t afraid to trust that it would all work out. I knew the worst that could happen was I’d have to return home. No big deal. So worth the risk.

    I went in 1997 and haven’t stopped. Now my husband and I travel with our two children/ Can you imagine the objections that come up with that and the fears?

    Everything is figureoutable. We are travelling around Oz in September for 1-2 years. Again, not a lot of money and a lot of fear surrounding it, but what the hell, what do we have to lose.

    Leap and the Universe will catch you

    • I just checked out your blog! Incredible. I dream of traveling with my own family one day, husband or no husband. I’ve had people comment saying “Well what about us with families?”, there’s so many vagabonding families out there. And I admire every single one of them, including you. Because you also sacrificed, prioritized, and risked it all for the sake of travel. For the sake of doing what you love and what makes you truly happy.

      Thank you for reading and I wish you magical days!

  38. hi satori! its really liberating to travel!!and just what u have mentioned if your work, just quit!and i did it! after my last day at work, ill be going to myanmar and kuala lumpur with my best friend 🙂

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  40. Which part of the world you are in Satori….Plz plz plz, tell me!
    You are like my soulmate… alter ego……I don’t know what to say!!

    All that happened after reading the blog was… of tears rolling down my eyes…..not because I felt sad, or happy …..just because you have managed to put here , in words, what all I feel and go through every single day of my life!
    Traveling – being my closest friend so far, I don’t know how I can say how much I agree with you on every single word you have written!!

    Gosh, I wish you all the very best in your travels…..and the journey, called LIFE!

    As a wise man had said: Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me, how much you have traveled!
    I wish both of us can build up our experiences on this beautiful journey!

    Keep exploring!


    • Prash! This brought happy tears to my eyes! Thank you so so so much. I’m so happy it made you feel that way. I currently live in California but I’m planning on backpacking again next year. I wish you magical days!

  41. I love this this post! I feel like I’ve been saying so many of the exact same things to my friends lately. I took a trip to Bali back in November and when I came home I knew I had to go back for a longer period of time. I sold my car and committed to saving the past 6 months. I’ve now quit my job and land in Bali on July 17th. I’m going to travel through Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia or where ever else the wind blows me. Thanks for sharing your story!

    • Thank you! That’s so wonderful, I’m going to Bali next summer as my starting point of my next backpacking trip. Beautiful things are in store for you my dear, so happy for you and your new adventure<3

  42. I really love this. I always get told that it will be impossible for me to travel properly but me and my friend are planning to go around France when we turn 18. The reason people are against us doing this is mostly because we are both blind and have guide dogs. It’s going to be hard work getting us and our dogs over there but we both think it will be worth it!
    Thanks for an amazing post!

  43. just do it! I started backpacking in the age of 14..first 4 weeks alone; with 15 I went for two months to Turkey, crossed the border to Iran without papers…I have spent months – or if adding all the times years – on traveling…I ve been in lots of places ppl warned to go there..looking back at this today I could say I´ve been crazy doing that, but as said up there..use your instincts! never anything serious happend to me on all this travelling, but whenever returning “home” ppl around me could not understand why I traveled the way I did, not looking 4 a planned tour, just fixed the date I had to be back and sometimes already a plane ticket back bought before starting the trip..most travels stopped when we got kids, but now, both of them old enough to accompany us, we´re together on the road..much more comfortable than 30 years ago, as we now have the chance to look for cheap flights and collect some infos on the net before going somewhere, but still often only the starting point and the flight back are fixed..and the kids love it!! just go, if you don´t do it today, it might be 2 late tomorrow..and now just waiting 4 the coming week to pass and then on a 2 month trip again, still not sure where it will lead us this time :))

    • Sounds like you’ve lived one incredible life! I admire vagabonding families. I still plan on traveling when I do have children, I reckon the wanderlust will run through their veins as strongly as it does through mine 😉

  44. Thank You for reminding me how it feels like to travel!
    I flew to Europe alone a year back and traveled for half a year on exchange. I learnt to have fun, to live and not just survive. I learnt to let go and forgive some people.
    But when I got back to my country, I was quickly caught up in my old habits, some unhealthy commitments. I often miss the freedom and rain of the Netherlands where I stayed for half a gear while traveling on weekends

    But u r right. No excuses. So I’m signing up for scuba diving now!

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  46. Thanks for a great article with wonderful excuse-breakers. When I graduated from Chiropractic School, I gave myself a two-week trip to Europe as a graduation present, knowing that it is always easier to go back than to go. As a result of that one trip, I have now visited over 30 countries, and lived in two outside of the US. It would be easier to list the places I don’t want to go than the places I do. I just hope I have enough time left to see more of this beautiful planet before I recycle. There are just too many wonderful things to see, do, eat, drink, etc…
    I am starting my own travel blog in the next few days, hoping other people can get some inspiration from another brave and willing wanderer.

  47. I agree with all you said…is all that I can say! 🙂 quitting a lousy job is never a bad decision, spending some time doing what you like, and having not that much income…can turn out to be a very, very good decision! real eye-opener! 🙂

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  49. Exactly what I’m going through, it’s about time I take that leap of faith. Can’t worry about the future too much, ain’t getting any younger. Your blog has made me realize I was the one holding myself back. It’s go time!

  50. Nice article =) but you forgot to address excuse no 6 maybe “travellng causes more pollution & might make our world less sustainable for our future generation” especially with cheap flight these days are you prepare to detroy our future generation for our own enjoyment???

  51. Although I am not a high fan of hostel stay. I totally agree with you, a trip need not be expensive it is how you manage your trip. I can stay in bed and breakfast rooms with a relative low cost.

  52. I totally agree with you! Travel is the best way you learn and it makes you wiser! I understand that most people don’t travel because of Time and Money! Thank God that i came across a brilliant concept that Time and Money is never an issue to me and because of this concept, i’ve travelled to a few different countries and i’m still a full time student at the age of 25!

    This concept has been around for almost 8 years and i’m not sure if it’s gonna be for you guys here but if you guys love to travel and see the world, you guys will love it! You guys can add me up on facebook,, or drop me an email,, or even skype with me, NasTravelholic, and i will be more than happy to share with you guys what is this concept all about! You Should Be Here!


  53. Absolutely loved this post. Having gone on various shorts trips to South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, we’re hooked on traveling. We’re now planning to go on a 6 month trip down south to New Zealand again and people around us wondered why would we just risk it all, losing the comfort of our home, the jobs, the career, the corporate ladder, and many other reasons. Loved how you ended your post and its saddening how so many people choose to cruise along life and continue doing something that they loathe everyday, over something that they know will make them much happier. I’m not an advocate of YOLO, but I strongly believe in at least taking that first step to search for what you love doing and what makes you happy.

  54. i got here via a link from facebook. i was planning to either go japan alone early next year for the first, or a longer term plan of travelling for abt 2-3 months.

    I thought seriously about saving up some money and quit my job to travel because theres no way I could take leave or unpaid leave for that long.

    I am DEFINITELY gonna fly somnewhere early next year! cheers 🙂

  55. Hi Satori,
    It is amazing to hear all that. I am exactly feeling like this at this particular moment.
    I am Brazilian and I am going to teach English in Indonesia. When I confirmed my flight tickets I didn’t have the confirmation from the voluntering program yet, I had problems to get it confirmed, but the tickets were there, and even if it didn´’t happen I was secure that in september I would be in Indonesia, teaching English or not.
    And after all, now the program is confirmed and I will start to live my dream on September 5th. By myself!
    I’ve done all those things you mentioned on your post. Sold my car, save all my money in a bank account, quit my job, finished my grad, runaway from all the possibles boyfriends and I am totally secure that this will be a lifechanging. I am really excited to experience all this and I have deep feeling that will be amazing.
    For all those who are reading this, don´t let fear take you apart from your dreams.
    Go travel this will make you more secure than you ever expected to.

  56. Although I did not spend 1 or 2 months traveling due to Excuse 4 but I do take few weeks off just to do a short travel then back to work.. I enjoy my job and it’s hard for me to get a job again if I were to quit… Especially for a foreigner.

    • I’m glad you enjoy your job and you can take a few weeks off to travel. As long as it genuinely makes you happy then there’s not much of a reason to quit 🙂

  57. this is so true! I plucked up the courage to travel alone last year. first joined a contiki by myself because i was a bit scared and it gave me the courage to go alone on my next trip 😀
    best thing ever.

    Asia is safe man! Except maybe India. Thailand and Bali are so safe! I even felt safe when i was alone in Eastern Europe, although I was quite worried at first.

    Can’t stand it when people tell me it’s so sad that I travel alone. I travel alone because my friends can’t afford to or can’t get leave from their jobs. They’re the sad ones. I’m enjoying it!!

    Although getting a job once you’re back home IS important because where is my cash for my next trip going to come from!!

    • Most countries in SE Asia are one of the safest to travel in! Going to Bali next summer, people have told me how it’s the safest country to travel in, and some have said it’s extremely dangerous. But it’s all in perception, trusting your instincts, and listening to your intuition.

      Thanks for reading!

    • I understand that not everyone in the world has the freedom to even leave their own country, or even roam about their own country. I wish every single person did, but that’s not the case. There are many people who do have that freedom but they’re scared to use it because of misconceptions and illusions about traveling. This is to give them the courage to do it.

  58. you covered all my things like expenses and travelling alone !!
    as i read your article i was constantly thinking about travelling anywhere far away from this city !!

    wish had the courage to leave all behind and start afresh !!

  59. Excellent and motivating article.
    Why dont you travel to Sri Lanka? its a beautiful country and not at all as scary as some people in the world make it out to be!!
    its got hills, amazing beaches, awesome fruit and veg, sports, ( especially water sports) , festivals, friendly people, exciting attractions, historical wonders of the world!!!! 🙂

    • My friend did a blog post about Sri Lanka and mentioned how it’s nothing like what people warned her about. She went to the country with a fresh perspective, an open mind, and open heart, and a big smile and she loved it! I would love to go there and see its beauty for myself. I’ll definitely put it on my list when I go back to Asia next year. Cheers, love 🙂

  60. Hi Im a newbie in this world of “real life”, as a newbie I want to experience life, but as you said it is mind blowing and quite need a courage.. I’m a teacher and want to explore the world.. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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  62. Just wanted to let you know…your article has already traveled the world! Its circulating here in India…Awesome write!!

  63. Not sure how I got to this entry, but it sure feels like a blessing in disguise. There I was, having some downtime at work and I get to read this blog of yours! I actually scribbled the title of your entry on a post-it note and stuck it on my inspiration board, to remind me that I am capable of following my travel dreams. 🙂

  64. Excellent read and it is all true! I’m currently backpacking around Europe after summoning up the courage to quit work earlier this year and travel around South America for 4.5 months. It is, without a doubt, the best thing I have ever done!

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  66. Thank you so much for writing this, it struck me at all the right chords (: should you ever come to Malaysia or Singapore on your next backpacking trip I can be your host and show you around if you don’t mind! I’m currently on an exchange in Manaus, Brazil and loving it

  67. About a week back I spent a good three hours on my computer, mustering the nerve to buy a plane ticket for my first ever solo trip, one that I’d already been planning for in advance. For some reason, I just did not have the balls to confirm my flight booking, I didn’t understand it. I really wanted to go but to actually confirm that “YES, I AM DOING THIS” was scary as hell. All these excuses came up.

    What if I got lost in Thailand? What if my grandfather who has been in and out of the hospital for the past 6 months decides to move on while I’m away? What if things went wrong at work? Is spending my whole month’s salary on this worth it- I’ll be poor as a a pauper when I get back!

    But it all boiled down to how badly I wanted this trip… and I was just clicks away.

    I’m happy to say I’m embarking on my own to Bangkok for the first time in exactly two weeks time, flight booked 🙂

    Thank you so much for this post. I hope others who are on the fence about getting that ticket (as I was) will read this and I’m sure it will help make the decision for them!

  68. Hi Satori,

    I got to say your article is really inspiring!

    I’m a self-employed person and fortunate enough to be able to do the things I want at my own time. My biggest dream is not to become a millionaire nor a famous person…. but having the ability to travel anywhere I want without having to worry much about money.

    I’ve done some travelling alone these few years…BUT IT’S NOT ENOUGH! In fact it’s never enough. I gotta travel more, explore more, and meet more people in life.

    Also, I think it’d be awesome if I could meet a travelmate that share the same dreams with me. I hope it’s possible one day.

    Thanks for wiring this! Hope to connect with more like minded people like you 🙂

    • Hello! Glad to see we share the same dream, my friend 🙂

      It’s never enough. Gotta keep on wandering because there is just so much many beautiful things to see and experience. Thanks for reading!

  69. Hi Satori,

    I got to say your article is really inspiring!

    I’m a self-employed person and fortunate enough to be able to do the things I want at my own time. My biggest dream is not to become a millionaire nor a famous person…. but having the ability to travel anywhere I want without having to worry much about money.

    I’ve done some travelling alone these few years…BUT IT’S NOT ENOUGH! In fact it’s never enough. I gotta travel more, explore more, and meet more people in life.

    Also, I think it’d be awesome if I could meet a travelmate that share the same dreams with me. I hope it’s possible one day.

    Thanks for wiring this! Hope to connect with more like minded people like you 🙂

  70. Very very very inspiring! And it touches my heart deep inside because what you wrote was what exactly the excuses i gave to myself!
    All this while, I never had the courage to do it on my own and gave myself different kind of excuses.

    But now, your article has opened my mind and build up my courage.
    I’m gonna start saving my money and go for what I want!

    You’re such an inspirer!
    Way to go~ ^^

  71. i can relate to this so much. a year ago i decided to quit my job (which i love btw) and spend the next two months venturing europe and turkey. i blew all my savings and had to start again from zero but not a single day i regret making that decision. now i’m saving to do that kind of traveling again. wish me luck. 😀

  72. Satori,

    Very well written. It is indeed so true. I have to agree to what you’ve shared. I am also inspired recently to travel and to see the world like what my mentor did, Daisaku Ikeda. You addressed one of the excuses which I always have in mind – safety for a female to travel alone. I truly agreed with you on that, somehow we just gotta make that wise decision and follow our instinct.

    Well, I am not a pro-photographer but I love photography, and I enjoy taking photos. I would like to bring the world closer to my family through the lens and to share with them what i’ve learnt and seen from my adventure.

    The world is so huge and beautiful. I am living in Asia and had been to Vancouver close to a year just to wander around.I also been to some other Asia countries and recently to Hanoi – it was an eye opening experience. Really.

    I am planning for London next. Considering the price of the air ticket and expenses of the currency after conversion i am hesitating if i should do it. Thank you for your post – I am going to do myself a favour and buy that plane ticket already!!!! 😀

    Btw, can i make friends with you? I am glad and think that you are awesome. Hope to know more like minded people like you, if you are fine with it.

    Thanks !

    • Amazing, it makes me genuinely happy to have inspired you. Thank you so much for reading!

      And of course we can be friends! I’m pretty sure I know who are, you messaged me on my page (I’m working on that reply right now ;)) and we’ll keep in touch for sure!

  73. I’m inspired. I’ve been wanting to do this and after reading your article something just clicked and now I truly know that I WILL do this. Thankyou.

  74. Hello there,
    I am so impressed with your writings. It shows who I really am. Make a lot of excuses. Fear of everything. You really inspire me to do the same.

  75. Hi there, thanks for writing this. I have been quite fortunate to have lived in 3 different countries during my university years, however, the thought of joining the workforce and being stuck in one place is overwhelming. Sometimes it is not easy to just quit a job and jump on that next flight cos of the pressure put on us by parents/family. But i am glad to let u know that i have accepted a job offer recently and the main reason being the staff travelling benefits and the flexible working schedule 🙂

  76. Hi,satori! Your writings and photography with overexposed,vintage effect totally had my spiritually stirred. Maybe the travel cost is high, but so What?? Grab the ticket first, the desired and imagination of travelling will become motivation in earning profit for travel! so…poor is not an excuse.

  77. Satori,
    as a Brazilian, fan of Paulo Coelho and also a backpacker, I must say to you: thanks for this amazing and inspiring text. I will definitely sleep better today after reading this…

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  80. You are so wise. I am 56 now, married 25 years. My husband and I have made travel a top priority, and wrote it into our wedding vows that we would give each other “experiences not stuff.” We have been on every continent, traveling through the back door and have a long list of places we still want to go. We have raised our son (about to head off to college) to have wanderlust in his soul too. My only advice? Always trust your gut and never marry anyone you have not traveled with. Rock on.

    • Hi Diane! That is one of the most romantic things I’ve ever read/heard. I want to raise a wanderlusting family like this one day. Thanks for this advice, I’ll definitely keep it in mind 😉

      To beautiful days,

  81. This is so amazing and inspiring. The excuses have been portrayed with empathy.
    Exactly the ones I would think of to not to go, even if in my head I’m dying to.
    ”Travelling is not a matter of money but courage.” Something I’ll never forget.

  82. Reading this article was like putting all the thoughts in my head on paper… but without doing any of the work. You hit every point spot on. After battling with excuses for years I was finally able to book my own one way ticket to the ends of the Earth and I could not be happier.

  83. There should be a law against agreeing to something so much, because its insane :P. Wow, i believe in every single thing you just said. I started saving up around a 6 months ago and now i am off to Berlin. Its absolutely liberating to realize that we gotta do what makes us more happy than anything else.
    I thank you for putting this in front of my eyes. I felt jubilant going through this.

  84. I love this article, and could not agree with it more. I was 23 when I made a decision to leave my home for a 2 year walkabout: to travel as far as I could go on the very limited budget I started off with. That 2 years became 5, I lived in 8 countries and travelled through more than 30 in those 5 years and it was the BEST BEST time of my life. It was lonely sometimes ( I almost always travelled on my own) but it was always exhilarating!
    I found work everywhere I stopped, and was able to completely fund my life and my travel through that time. My amazing sister sponsored a couple of air tickets when I was home sick, and all my presents from family came to me in cash, and this definitely helped, but I managed to live, and eat, and travel, (and party) with those jobs, and most importantly, those jobs allowed me to meet and work with local people who I never would have had the privilege to meet otherwise.

    I stopped travelling more than 10 years ago, but the memories are still vivid in my minds eye: Staring down a hillside at a landscape so different than I had ever seen before; connecting with a stranger from the other side of the world and realising that our similarities were huge and our differences superficial; laughing at a joke that was so funny even though it was told to me in a language I didn’t understand…discovering a shortcut to work in a city that I had spent less than a week of my life in, so many incredible memories…

    I ended up with an education that no University could have ever given me, complete with work experiences that I could not have dreamed of in my wildest dreams before I left. I have a mindful of memories that will last me several lifetimes, to quote another traveller, “I have seen more than I remember, and I remember more than I have seen”

    • This made tears flow. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring life. It’s true, the lessons we will learn in our journeys are the most valuable lessons we will ever learn in our lives. No book, no classroom, no test, will manifest this kind.

      • I’m glad my story resonated with you, though you are responsible, your words found me and triggered my thoughts to flow… I have a beautiful 8 month old son now, so I am privileged to start my journey again, to live life through a new set of eyes with so many exciting discoveries to come. I live in Goa, a beautiful part of the world, my home is always open to you if you ever find yourself on these shores, you have my email. May you awake with excitement each day, and drink fully of what is left of your 30,000 mornings (give or take!) on this amazing planet! Love and happiness from India.

        • You are incredibly kind, thank you. I’m actually planning another backpacking trip in Asia next year and India is one of my next destinations. I have heard many beautiful things about Goa and would love to go there, thank you! Your e-mail is saved.

          To beautiful days,

  85. Thank you very much for this! It’s like you actually know me and all of my fears except for the fact that I am still a college student. I am in a stituation where I need a getaway. To go somewhere on my own but I am scared because my studies might get jeopardized, I am still a student and I have no idea how to save up for my travel funds. Anyway, I am still getting enough courage and brainstorming about how to get a job at 18 for my escape. This is a wake up call for me thank you so much!

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  87. This just hits home. I felt like you spoke to me as I read this entry. I am that girl who (serendipitous as it seems) is currently looking out the window from my office in the 22nd floor. I believe that everything happens for a reason and there is a reason why I read your blog at the perfect place and time. Thank you for being an inspiration. I just need to slay a couple more fears that I have and I am ready to buy that plane ticket. And maybe, if the universe conspire, I can meet you halfway thru the world. Cheers!

  88. Reblogged this on MY STORMLESS SKY and commented:
    I read this blog post at the perfect place and time. Just what I wrote on the comments section – I am exactly that girl who looks out of window from my office on the 22nd floor, secretly dreaming of magical places, undiscovered paths, bonfires shared with strangers, secret lagoons, wild flowers, diverse culture and people waiting to be embraced and lived upon. I admire her courage to step out and defy the standard of living. She took her chances and carve her own path – and in this aberrant way, she found bliss. Reading this blog made me realize that I needed to fight my own monsters and deal with my fears to be really happy. This experiences and discoveries, I realized, will never come to me.. I have to chase them. Today, I will start confronting those fears and at the perfect time, I will buy that plane ticket to wherever the heaven will take me. “Travel and experience the world while you still can.”

  89. Wish i could meet you!!
    In love with this article.. The best i have read abt travelling. And You are female to add cherry on top of the cake.

    You seem to be amazing.
    Wish i could some more abt travelling from you. Looking forward to reading more article written by you.

  90. Thank you for this awesomely inspiring write-up. We have moved to California from india a year ago and are rearing to explore this part of the world. The fact that I have a 3yr old daughter doesn’t deter me one bit to embark on those lovely trips we have. I would love to backpack and go alone but haven’t had a chance yet. Rather haven’t really “tried” doing that. Next time you are going I’d love to give you company 😉

    • That’s awesome! There’s soooo much to explore in California alone. I’ve been living here for 10 years and I haven’t explored all the places I want to go to in Cali yet. I made that my goal this year 🙂

  91. Great read…really inspiring… Even i really want to travel like this.. But same story…same excuses..job and all.. I can be courageous but i live with my family…Can anyone suggest me how to convince parents for this? Haha..i have no idea…but if anyone has one, plsss tel me.. Sometimes, i just want to pack bag and go for it..Waiting for the day when my dream will come true..

    • Hi Madhuri! Thank you so much for your kind words. If you tell them how much you need to do this for yourself, and speak from the heart, they’ll consider it. I’m not exactly sure how your parents are or what your situation is but if you need more advice e-mail me and I will try my best to help you.

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  93. Hey there, I do not read much of blogs and neither follow much as most of the lot seems pretentious and not really intriguing, interesting and honest enough to follow..came across yours while I was reading about travel and I could not stop myself from actually echoing whatever you had written..Your blog is so refreshing, straight, inspiring and simple in presenting whatever you want to convey..I love it!! Have not really come across people in a while now who actually write with such fluidity. kudos for that!
    ‘Fear of the unknown’ that phrase in one of your blog resonated my spot on state of mind. I have been wanting to just go to Thailand, a solo female traveler as you also mentioned. Its not even that I do not have company, I just want to do this alone, something for my own search, for my own soul. I have everything set, just have to buy the tickets. But I am scared of what awaits me there. Things like will it be safe, where to stay, which places to visit as people have created a grim image for solo travelers there. Might sound weird to you, but if you could help me or suggest places and how to go about it as you have been there already.
    I would really like to hear from you.

    • Wow. Titan, thank you so much for your kind words. This comment made my day! This is why I blog, to inspire people like you this way.

      Honestly love, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I had my fears too, before I bought my ticket. I made excuses for myself because I was scared, and I let that all go because I value my dreams more than I value my fears. So I bought the ticket. And it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

      Thailand is actually pretty safe, I’ve met more solo female travelers over there than anywhere else. They outnumbered the solo males I met actually. Stay at hostels, use hostel world and look at their reviews. That’s how I found places to stay, or I would walk around and eventually find a good place to stay. Stay in Bangkok for a few days, go to Chiang Mai, and please please go to Pai and stay at Spicy Pai Backpackers. It’s one of my favorite places on Earth. You will love it, everyone falls in love with that place. Go to Railay Beach in Krabi and rock climb, Koh Tao, see Maya Beach in Koh Phi Phi (I wasn’t a big fan of the island itself, just the beach. Too many crazy obnoxious drunk people 24/7), etc.

      And I wrote a series of blog posts on Thailand if you look through my archives, read it if you have time. E-mail me if you have anymore questions love. I’m always happy to help.

      To magical days,

  94. Bought my plane ticket to New Zealand for a 6 months working holiday, and stumbled onto this blog. Taking a break from my quite well paid job and hopefully they still want me when I’m back. Geez, i didn’t know there are so many opportunity costs to go travel. Now you got me worried….hahhah! Nah, just kidding, I didnt think too much when I bought the ticket, and will not think too much either. Your blog strengthened the belief of my decision. Nice to read someone who thinks alike, but you are way more gutsy. Cheers!

    • Hahaha! Thank you, I’m happy it did that for you. I’m not any gutsier than you are, I just realized things earlier at the perfect time for my life. I’m sure yours is perfect timing for yours too.

      To beautiful days,

    • Hahaha! Thank you, I’m happy it did that for you. I’m not any gutsier than you are, I just realized things earlier at the perfect time for my life. I’m sure yours is perfect timing for yours too.

      To beautiful days,

  95. Thank you (again ;)) for this post!
    I made the decision to leave Switzerland next September and try to spend some time in my birth country, the Philippines. But I don’t know much about the country as I haven’t really been back in 30 years, but I somehow feel that I must do it… It’s a very strong feeling I cannot push away anymore. I’m just so curious about this world, I will never have enough of my lifetime to visit all the places I would like to… I’ve already travelled a lot, but a special feeling goes to my birth country.
    I would be lying if I said it is not a bit scary to leave all that “security” behind, but I am still doing it! It’s like your words echoed all my fears… but at the same time, reassured me also! Like an old friend…
    It was just nice to see that I wasn’t alone in this situation, a female going by herself on the other side of the world and leaving everything behind, but reading your post and other replies gave me a bit more confidence about this big adventure… 🙂
    So just wanted to say thanks for that!

    • I’m super happy it did that for you Nic. There is no other place like our homeland, love. Really. No other place at all. There a certain essence and beauty to it that not even my words or photos can explain. You just have to be open to all of it when you get there. I trust that you will.

      You are welcome, and if you need advice or have any questions feel free to ask. I’m always happy to help.

      To magical days,

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  98. Hey Stephanie, I left a reply but I think it never went through. I wanted to thank you for replying and encouraging. It gives me confidence to go ahead. I wanted to talk to you regarding my trip, but I have not figured your email…If you could tel me your ID it would be great. I am currently going through your Thailand posts as you suggested. My ID is if you can reply me on that I would be grateful.

  99. Im not sure where you are getting your info, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for wonderful info I was looking for this info for my mission.

  100. Love this post! I am so glad I got to go to Italy and Spain between my second and third year of college. Reading this has inspired me to start thinking about my next trip 🙂

  101. I came across this from a friend who had shared this on Facebook and it really struck a chord with me and how I had been feeling lately…I am on the verge of graduating with an engineering degree this winter and have felt like I am on a crossroads in life: on one end is a cushy job that will make me comfortable but not necessarily fulfilled, and on the other is a long string of 1-year contract stints and spontaneous travel that will quench the travel bug that I developed on my first hiking trip out to Colorado. I just recently got back from a 2 week long distance trek on Isle Royale National Park and came back a changed person. I haven’t gotten much support (surprise surprise) from family or friends, but I believe that this has inspired me to take that “path less traveled by,” take the risk, and do what makes me happy instead of trying to fit the mold of what direction I am “supposed” to go in. Thank you Satori.

  102. I’ve bought the flight ticket!! 🙂 SO EXCITED yet so scared 😐 I’m doing a SHORT trip to Paris, end-October & praying all Visa formalities come through in time. Any personal favourites/ must-dos? <>

    • Yayyyy so happy for you! Unfortunately I have not been to Paris yet, I plan on going within the next couple years, but I trust you’ll find a grand adventure through serendipitous encounters 🙂

  103. Hi Stephanie! I love your blog! 🙂 It’s so inspiring. I’m in the middle of quarter life crisis and reading your blog somehow helped me! I was surprised knowing that you are a Filipina. Well that thought, made me more determined to chase my dreams 🙂 Traveling keeps me alive and it’s my dream to travel and capture the world. Keep on blogging and inspiring others! 😉

  104. while listening to the song and reading this post, this actually made me cry. i will achieve my wanderlust dreams, no matter how strict my family is. i will…

  105. I couldn’t agree more, I actually wrote a post on how to quit your job and travel a while back as so many people I know ask me how I do it. The fear of the unknown! Happily in my 7th year of living and working around the world and love spreading the love! LOVE your blog- very inspiring!

  106. Hey Stephanie, I am commenting to your blog rather late. One month back when I was confused about a Switzerland trip, a friend referred this blog post to me. I booked my tickets within 24 hours of reading this post – you are a great inspirer!

    I came back from Switzerland last week. In Swiss, I did a cross country solo trip. It was liberating indeed. I even visited Italy while I was staying there. It was a super awesome travel experience. I write about travel in my blog and have provided a hyperlink to your blog in the latest blog post about Appenzell, Switzerland. I am really grateful to you. Do mail if ever you are visiting Mumbai, India. That’s where I stay 🙂

    -Sang, Mumbai

    • Hello Sanghita! Thank you so much for sharing this, I am truly happy that I’ve inspired you. And that you bought the plane ticket and went on an adventure! I will be in India sometime next year, maybe we’ll cross paths. Cheers 🙂

  107. Oh I love this article. It is so inspiring and even when i already do some of these points it is always a sweet reminder!

    thanks for sharing this with us and to remind us, that we can travel even with less money!

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  109. This is just inspiring… I did the same as you, and sometimes – I bought the damn plane ticket – but I still think that maybe I was a bit inconsequent leaving the job, family and friends behind. Society stigmas play a very bad role in this sense, and it confuses our heads sometimes. Reading you post just brought me back to reality: the reality that this choice is actually the best one in life. Thanks!

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  112. I just want to write a comment thanking you and this website. You are a true inspiration and I need people like you to help me believe in my own future. Waiting for my graduation to begin my travels has been a lifelong struggle. Today I was discuss my traveling aspirations with my mom and aunt. Women whom I look up to and consider to be strong and independent. They both told me I was naive for wanting to go to countries that are not considered the safest. They think I ignore that fact that I am a woman and that I can’t see the world for how it really is. Finding this website and reading these blogs is exactly what I need, just as I started to doubt my own sense of self and the world. Thank you
    fellow wanderluster

    • Dearest Someone,

      Thank you for this brave and beautiful message. I’m sure they are both wonderful women, but it’s best if you don’t listen to them and follow what your heart tells you instead. I am a believer of the law of attraction, that we attract whatever we visualize in our heads, that the experiences we attract is a reflection of our thoughts and emotions. If one is to live based on fear, they will attract negative circumstances. If one is to live based on love and have a sunny disposition, you will attract the most beautiful and amazing of all experiences. Man or woman.

      Everything lies in perception love. Everything. The world is a beautiful place if we always choose to see it that way.

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  115. Very inspirational. I knew at a young age that I would someday travel the world. I’m leaving next week to Holland for 5 months as part of my uni’s exchange program. I plan to do as much solo traveling as my schedule permits. No more lazying about!

  116. Stumbled upon your blog while researching for my summer trip to El Nido, Philippines. And I am actually reading this totally relatable blog post as I sit here in the office. Thank you for the inspiration! I’m gonna buy that damn ticket really soon!

  117. Your blog is inspiring! I’ve had the same excuses in mind before going to Japan, but Im glad my parents pushed me to go anyways. It was a wonderful experience and has changed me a lot! Travelling on my own was indeed very liberating and amazing, got to know great people and very good friends along the way 😉 Your blog is great!

  118. I love this! I know what you mean, I wish more people traveled – if they only realized the benefits that come from it!

    I just started out my blog where I write about my fashion, travel and lifestyle adventures! In the past 8 years I’ve lived in 6 countries so will be blogging about that! Come check it out! 🙂

  119. Loved it. Every bit of it. Even the music. You have inspired me. I am between jobs currently. I am at my hometown in Kerala, India at present and I will have to be here for a month before I could go back to Dubai, UAE and search for jobs. It has been running behind my head that I should utilize this time and opportunity to travel, at least somewhere within my own country. Kashmir and Ladakh had crossed my mind too, but those thoughts got layered by excuse #1 and #3. After reading this post, I am already searching for hostels and trains. Care to join?!

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  121. I found this to be really relatable and very true. When you decide to have a purpose there are no excuses and the rest just falls away. Great post and pictures too!

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  123. Reblogged this on Teaching Wanderlust and commented:
    I agree with soooo many of the things she wrote about! Just go get the ticket! It is easier to travel while you are young, but even if you are married with children, you can take a three day weekend away and explore a bit.

  124. Very true! There are always going to be risks whatever you do – whether it’s travelling the world or crossing your own street. It’s about deciding what your priorities are and taking that leap. Nobody else can take it for you – it’s a decision you have to make for yourself.

    I think that’s what I’m struggling with at the moment. I have two passions, and two paths I want to take: travel and poetry. At the moment, I’m just trying to work out the best way to combine the two.

    Thanks so much for writing this post – I’m looking forward to following your blog 🙂

    • Thanks love! Travel and poetry is such a good mix. A writer is a sum of their experiences. And I’m sure you’ll experience plenty that will inspire you to write incredible poetry.

  125. Love this post, and the fact that you seem to have inspired so many by it. I traveled broke for six years in my twenties, and made countless stories – so glad I’ll be a smiling old geezer in my rocking chair instead of a grumpy self-resenter : )

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  134. Thank you so much for writing this. It’s inspiring and something I’ll keep coming back to. I’ve recently had to get over the excuses I made (especially #1) and it’s opened my eyes to so much.

  135. This is a really good post. I especially like Excuse # 3: “I don’t have friends who can travel with me. And I don’t want to travel alone”. I’m a woman and when I first started travelling, I did most of my travel solo. It was lovely and liberating. Yes, I got a lot of “don’t go there. It’s dangerous”. I listened to what people said and made my own decisions. I went anyway!

    I was never scared or anxious as I was never really alone and doors oepned to me because I was travelling solo rather than in spite of travelling solo. Thanks for sharing!

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  155. Hi Satori,

    Inspiring and motivating post. Young myself, I grew up on the East Coast, but traveled the world with my family and fell in love with what I found. When I was 12 I took my first trip without my family, and when I was 15 my first trip alone to Spain. Since then I have been around the world with friends, family and on my own. My first year of university I spent the entire year studying in Italy. When I came back to the US life wasn’t the same and I wondered what I could do to change that. Determined to finish my degree, just not sure about how, I considered moving to Europe where I would have the opportunity to live and travel freely. People thought I was crazy to pick up and leave, but my family supported to me and come September I am moving full time to London where my life on the road will really begin. There is so much out there and people who make excuses, really don’t know what they’re missing.

    Always dreaming about moving to the West Coast, I packed my belongings and headed to San Francisco for the summer before London. Thrilled to be exploring this city as well and working here. It really is not that hard to travel or to live anywhere you choose. It takes determination, dedication and commitment, but once you begin there’s no going back.

    Thanks for posting, I look forward to reading more from you in the future!

    A Votre Sante 🙂

  156. Very well spoken words 🙂 I tell so many people the exact same thing! There are too many excuses out there. I’m only beginning to see and explore the world over the past few years and there is so much more out there. Your website is beautiful and your words to inspiring. I can’t wait to explore further and so glad I came across this site! xxx

  157. This is soooo inspiring! Thanks for the reminding of how good traveling is to the soul. I started traveling right after I got my first job. It’s been a rewarding 10 years already! I have never tried traveling alone so guess I can consider myself lucky that I have like-minded friends who is willing to backpack with me.

    I just have my wordpress blog but mostly post pictures that I painted. So now Im browsing around and so glad to find your blog. Its very informative, inspiring but yet personal. You are a great writer!

    So if you have a chance to visit Bangkok, let me buy you a cup of coffee. No Starbuck though. I’m saving up for my next trip late this year heh heh


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  160. Love this!

    My number one excuse would be money. I don’t care for the rest, I could travel alone and I’m not afraid to quit my part time job. But money is my number one excuse for pretty much everything. I’m in debt, so in a way it’s a reasonable excuse but I also know that by structuring my economy better and stop wasting money on unnecessary things, I could actually save some pennies. So I’m gonna stop with this excuse.

    The scary stories people tell about travels are so frequent. I’ve heard them a lot of times, and not only about travels, but actually about pretty much everything I want to do. I practice cheerleading and people ask me: aren’t you afraid of hurting yourself? Hmm. I’ve hurt myself many times during practice, but I don’t let that stop me. This is what I really want to do, so I do it.

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  247. Amazing! Love this. So happy I came across your page!
    I 100% agree. I have travelled rather a lot for a 21 year old…. I am now building a house and money is tight and it is a burden on my wanderlust nature ALTHOUGH I am not doing the little things, I don’t go out for inner with the girls every week and when I do I suggest a cheap burger somewhere. My partner and I don’t date night much we just watch movies at home and have cheap wine and cook. I don’t go out and party with everyone else my age much.. some people find this morning but I am making sacrifices because I will do anything to continue exploring this world. 🙂 As you said, there is always excuses and I don’t want to have excuses, I want to have reasons to go!!! 🙂

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  250. Hey Hommie. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and reading this really made some of my thoughts into decisions. Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to read this. You’re a constant inspiration to me. Hope to catch up sometimes, either in the good ole San Diego or the Motherland.