Flowing in Indonesia

Press play first.

One week, two islands, and eleven kindred spirits. Here’s a glimpse of our journey.


Top photo by Noelle Hilario

Here’s to the sun chasers. Barefoot, salty haired, driven by the tides of the ocean and sand grains. The ones who follow wherever the wild wind leads, stirring all that is outside of us and all that is within us. Never fighting it, never moving against it. Just smiling and flowing in delicious reverie.


_DSC4877 copy

Mermaids in their element.

_DSC4895 copy

_DSC4990 copy

Beautiful strangers in Uluwatu.

_DSC4966 copy

Entranced by rituals and incantations

_DSC5109 copy

_DSC5128 copy

_DSC5029 copy

_DSC5216 copy

We wander to the Golden Island. Our days are spent with the sun, sand, and sea. Hitting viewpoints that overlook the ocean gracing the island’s turquoise edge. All of us eight girls skinny dip on a secret beach as we laugh our swimsuits off. We float from one beach to the next and catch the last golden sunbeams as we surf quiet waves with the sun dipping into the silhouette of islands and mountains. There are no crowds, no traffic, no heaviness. Just people who are drawn to this island’s gravity, dancing, laughing, colliding with each other as the stars cover the night sky, unraveling the dust of the Milky Way.

Our hearts are here. And here is perfect.

_DSC5804 copyRusty breathing into the blue.

_DSC6291 copy

_DSC5776 copy

_DSC5986 copy

_DSC6018 copy

Sliding through the calm.

_DSC5854 copy

_DSC6689 copy

“They pay no mind to the spectacle behind them. They pay no mind because to them, all things are great, all things are grand. What a life if we found the focal point everywhere, in everything, the miracle in the most mundane and the stunning in the simple.”

– Tyler Knott Gregson

_DSC6701 copy

_DSC6704 copy

Yoga on a hill by the sea. No walls, no confines.

_DSC6353 copy

_DSC6389 copy

_DSC6520 copy

“And there will be days when you simply want to run, to another land across a sweeping sea, under an entirely different burning sun. But here’s the thing about continents that we love down to our aching bones: we know the one that calls us back to unpack our luggage. We know which one is truly home.”

– Victoria Erickson

Adi at the edge of the island where her heart beats, thrives, and settles.

_DSC6561 copy

_DSC6295 copy

And the stars continue to shed its gold to feed our hungry souls.

As we wander blindly through ambiguity.

Because innately, our starving insides know.

There is no other place to go but everywhere.

40 thoughts on “Flowing in Indonesia

  1. the islands are beautiful and it looks like you had lots of fun!! I absolutely LOVE your last photo of the sun’s rays coming through the clouds. Have you considered using it as a post in Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Clouds?

  2. I feel like you’re one of my soul sisters and I can learn so much beauty from you on your journey.. Maybe we can meet up on an island someday and take an adventure and do yoga and be mermaids together…

  3. But seriously we should meet up πŸ™‚ .. Im half filipina but don’t speak Tagalog or any foreign language well but am cultured and seek to see many beaches and spirit filled places all over the world.. Teach yoga and practice Thai massage … We would have a blast I have a feeling !

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  5. Your passionate prose and photography is inspiring as always and conjures up wonderful memories of my time on the Island of the Gods. In fact, it makes me want to hope on an Air Asia flight from BKK right now!

  6. Your passionate prose and photography is inspiring as always and conjures up wonderful memories of my time on the Island of the Gods. In fact, it makes me want to hop on an Air Asia flight from BKK right now!

  7. Magnifique cette photographie, il ne manque plus qu’une
    musique de Chopin pour profiter du coucher du soleil Γ  la nuit Γ©toilΓ©e !!!

  8. The addition of the song with the pictures was wonderful. Plus your words were quite poetic bringing this entire blog entry to a level I attribute to art. Such a wonderful piece to read to start my day. Thank you for sharing.

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