Life of Pai

To that town I fell in love with, that sits nestled in the mountains, where I found a home within the huts sitting on a rice field…

_DSC6630 copy

_DSC6272 copy

_DSC6263 copy
_DSC6265 copy

_DSC6266 copy

_DSC6519 copy

Where I sat on the swing by the stream and meditated each day…

_DSC6525 copy

_DSC6269 copy
And the hot springs were straight out of an ethereal dream…


_DSC6279 copy

Where we made up our own motorbikes gang and rode through one the most beautiful sceneries I have ever witnessed with my bare eyes.
_DSC6346 copy

_DSC6349 copy

Where you can find infinity in the valleys and mountains…

_DSC6309 copy

_DSC6315 copy

_DSC6320 copy

And I found freedom in riding on the back of a motorbike. Where my hair created tunnels for the wind, as I felt the warm kisses of the sun on my back, and closed my eyes and reached out for the airwaves, as I smile at the world flying past me. And the peace I found in moments like this, wherein I felt the most human.

_DSC6336 copy

Where we walked through a forest that led to the caves that were lit by lanterns….

_DSC6356 copy

_DSC6373 copy

_DSC6388 copy

_DSC6381 copy

_DSC6498 copy

_DSC6433 copy

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_DSC6426 copy

_DSC6409 copy

_DSC6414 copy

_DSC6462 copy

_DSC6492 copy

_DSC6467 copy

_DSC6474 copy


_DSC6501 copy

_DSC6477 copy

And not-so-hot-more-like-temperate springs where we pretended to be primitive and exfoliated ourselves with rocks as we filled the air with our voices and laughter…

_DSC6528 copy

_DSC6539 copy

_DSC6537 copy

_DSC6542 copy

_DSC6546 copy

_DSC6549 copy

_DSC6594 copy

_DSC6603 copy

_DSC6600 copy

_DSC6618 copy

_DSC6613 copy

Where we have comical motorbike sidecar misadventures…


And the waterfalls became our playground…




Where Spicy Pets and kind strangers walk you home when you are three sheets to the wind.


Where Thai Jack Sparrow is sighted…


And when recruiting each other for breakfast and countless of other food escapades are necessary.

_DSC6350 copy

_DSC6352 copy


And courage, devotion & sacrifice are virtues you drink…


Where intoxicating nights turned into twirly mornings, and new friends quickly turned into family….


Where I met the perfect people, at the perfect place, at the perfect time….


And was reminded again that there is always a reason to why we meet people in serendipitous circumstances. There is a reason behind everything. For deja vu. For that instant feeling of familiarity and comfort when we meet certain people. A chance encounter can affect someone’s life so much, we learn the right lesson at the right time just when it needed to happen.

The universe designed these paths for a purpose… leading us right where we should be. Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence.


To the place that my inner gravity pulled me to.. the universe paved a path that led me to you. My sweet, sweeeeeet Pai.. you have a piece of my heart, as I have a piece of your spirit.

I carry it with me wherever I go.

13 thoughts on “Life of Pai

  1. Perfect collection of photographs! As impossible as it may have seemed before, I think you’re getting even better at photography. We were only able to spend a couple days in Pai but this really brings memories back to the surface. Thanks for that. Keep going!

  2. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING. It totally brings me back to the place that also has kept a piece of my heart. So happy to see you having the time of your wonderful life. Safe and happy travels!

  3. Dearest of my Darlings,

    I appreciate this post more than you’ll ever know. As you may know, I am currently a ghost in almost all Social Networking sites because the irony of it is, I use so much of it to reach out to my friends and acquaintances and maybe even, the future love of my life…but in all honesty, I’ve forgotten to connect with the real world. To the real Darlings of my life. To the reality of actually living and immersing myself. To reach out and touch a warm body versus a cold keyboard.

    I am not feeling quite like the person I was only a month ago – where I felt like I had found my epiphany and possibly my redemption from being so severely heartbroken. I have had better days, yes, but as with anything in life and darkness – everything gets better from here and light will soon follow.

    I am swallowed by sadness over the most trivial of things at this very moment while I type this but I am reminded of you, of bestfriends, of traveling spirits, of drinking buddies, and of soulmates…and all I can say is that it will get better and being in this black hole may give birth to a nebula of infinite paths. That destiny and fate will merge and that I have to just trust in the stars.

    May we learn to always find the right paths.
    May we always travel with our spirit and not lose it along the way.
    May our passions come alive.
    May we always know that a soulmate is out there.

    May we always trust the Universe.

    Love you Bro.

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