Thailand: Bangkok & Ayutthaya.

I can show you pictures, play you videos, and tell you stories that depict the one month I’ve spent in Thailand. But the truth is, nothing will compare to what I have experienced with my bare eyes in this mystical land. It was magnificent in all levels others can’t quite fathom with mere pictures and stories. However I’ve attempted to capture it through a photo documentary, in the hopes that it will inspire you to set foot in this land one day and embark on a grand adventure so you can experience it for yourself. But for now, here’s the beginning of the journey, through my eyes.

The ancient ruins of Thailand’s former capital, Ayutthaya.

_DSC4814 copy

_DSC4806 copy

_DSC4610 copy

I was completely awestruck by the sight of these majestic ancient structures and buddha statues everywhere. History has its way of sending shivers down my spine and inducing blissful goosebumps. I find beauty in the ruins. The ground I walked upon had endured centuries of chaos. And now it sits calm and at peace. Then I think of my life and the battles I’ve had within myself, the chaos I’ve endured within, the inner peace I have found within the past couple of years and the person I have become.  I sit on one of the ancient brick walls and I feel connected to this place. I am not so different from it in a sense.

_DSC4653 copy

One of my favorite things about this country are the Buddhist monks you see everywhere doing everyday things. Hanging out on their porches, riding scooters, talking on their phones, sometimes meditating in random places.. I can’t help but smile to myself every time I see them.

_DSC4654 copy

_DSC4673 copy

Such a beautiful and sweet Thai lady..
_DSC4677 copy

The stray dogs here are so calm. They rarely try to bark at people. All they do lie out and bathe in the sun all day.
_DSC4681 copy

_DSC4693 copy

These children were playing and studying outdoors, on a mat laid out on the ground nearby the temples. That’s something you never see in America.

_DSC4704 copy

Buddhist monks tie blessed scarves around trees. Bad luck will come to any who harm a tree that has been blessed by a scarf.
_DSC4707 copy

_DSC4709 copy

_DSC4712 copy

_DSC4734 copy

_DSC4737 copy

Coin sticks to the wall with the power of the mind, as they say.
_DSC4741 copy

_DSC4746 copy

_DSC4749 copy

_DSC4752 copy

_DSC4753 copy

_DSC4758 copy

_DSC4771 copy

_DSC4820 copy

_DSC4826 copy

_DSC4827 copy

Wat Mahathat, Ayutthaya_DSC4835 copy

They said that when the Burmese defeated Ayutthaya, destroyed the temples & beheaded the Buddhas, many debris fell to the ground and were left there. For a long time the temple was completely deserted and the trees started growing over it, including one that grew around the Buddha head. It’s incredible how nature can easily find a way to somehow restore its beauty. Even through concrete structures. _DSC4839 copy

_DSC4860 copy

_DSC4890 copy

_DSC4850 copy

_DSC4894 copy

_DSC4910 copy

I am a huge lover of elephants as they are my favorite animals. However, I did not do any elephant riding throughout this whole trip because I didn’t want to contribute to the elephant tourism industry. It’s unfortunate how the mahouts treat their working elephants, and ironic because they are considered to be sacred in this country. It’s so sad to see that most people see Thai elephants as a moneymaking endeavor. These beautiful gentle giants are not meant to paint, entertain humans, do tricks, ride people around their backs all day to be stuck in a cage all night. They should be free to roam around in their jungles, they must let them be. (See Chiang Mai post for my experience with Elephant Nature Park and more detailed story of elephants in Thailand).
_DSC4940 copy

Gorgeous eyes._DSC4946 copy

_DSC4956 copy

I need these ellies in front of my house one day!

_DSC4959 copy

Found Mr. Turtle randomly crawling around the grass. Hello little creature!

_DSC4963 copy

_DSC4969 copy

Chinatown, Bangkok

Pad thai, my everyday meal.

_DSC4979 copy

The ferry ride in King River was one of my favorite moments in Bangkok. A couple new friends and I took it to Chinatown. We were caught in the rain at one point and were completely drenched. But I didn’t mind, getting caught in the warm rain if one of life’s greatest pleasures.
_DSC4989 copy

Thai iced tea was an everyday consumption for me in Thailand!
_DSC5000 copy

_DSC5011 copy

_DSC5012 copy

_DSC5020 copy

_DSC5022 copy

_DSC5036 copy

Although Bangkok was my least favorite place in Thailand, it still has its own charm. I appreciated the sights, the intricate designs of all the temples, the night life, the great people I’ve met, the incredible food (my diet consisted of 90% pad thai the whole time I was there) and cheap cheap cheap shopping. But after a few days of the city, it was time for me to move on. So I took an overnight train to a place I have been longing to experience for quite a while: Northern Thailand…

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